Trash Collection

[See also Garbage and Recycling]

Currently, the Town licenses five trash collection providers: Area Disposal, Greenline Waste, Republic Waste Services, Scott Waste Services, and Waste Management.  This means there are trash bins out and trucks rolling through neighborhoods six days a week generating noise and dust,  Moreover, the added wear and tear on residential streets reduces the operation l life of the road surface.

There are many options to reduce the negative impacts and improve efficiencies.  The Town could restrict the days of collection, issue a license agreement to one provider to service the entire Town, or divide the Town into districts and bid them separately.  The Mayor and Council have tasked Town staff to develop a range of options and present them at a community conversation in the spring.  

Share your thoughts.  How do you feel about the current approach to trash collection services?
The Town Council held an initial discussion regarding trash collection on March 24, 2016. 

April 14 staff report
April 14 memo - wear and tear on public streets
April 14 memo - Pay-As-You-Throw
April 14 - problem/solution matrix
March 24 staff report.
Sanitation Ordinance
Problem/Solution Matrix
Meeting video  (Click on "Update on Trash Collection Alternatives" to jump to that part of the video.)

A Community Conversation will be held on Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 6:30 PM in the Town Hall Council Chambers to hear from residents about their concerns and preferences.
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  1. Trash Collection Alternatives

    How do you feel about the current approach to trash collection service? What are your thoughts about how trash collection impacts the quality of life in Town? Are there too many collection trucks on the streets? What suggestions do you have about improving service delivery?

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