Municipal Court

The Municipal Court is the independent judicial branch of the Town government. The Court adjudicates all criminal misdemeanors, code violations, traffic violations, and certain juvenile offenses. The Court issues protective orders in cases of domestic violence and harassment.

The presiding judge, associate judges, judges pro tem, and hearing officers are all volunteers. The Judges are appointed by the Town Council. The Hearing Officers are appointed by the Presiding Judge.

The Paradise Valley Municipal Court is part of the State of Arizona Judicial System. The court's jurisdiction includes civil traffic, criminal traffic and misdemeanors, Town of Paradise Valley Code violations and juvenile offenses. All offenses filed in this court must have occurred within the Town's limits.

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Protective Orders
Upon petition to the court, protective orders may be obtained from the Municipal Court. These orders include protection in harassment and domestic violence cases. The incident need not have occurred within the Town to qualify for a protective order to be issued from this court.

Municipal Court Ground Breaking May 1st, 2013